What is Shifo?

Shifo is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Sweden. We are officially registered as 'Insamlingsstiftelsen Shifo' (Shifo Foundation) with organisation number: 802477-8089. Shifo is a politically and religiously independent organisation funded by organisations and private donors. We develop and implement programs that strengthen healthcare delivery in low-resource settings.

What does Shifo mean?

An ancient word, 'shifo' means 'health' - encompassing a broad understanding of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This holistic vision of health is one that we bring to each of our programs, and naming our organisation Shifo underscores that commitment.

What is Shifo's focus?

We focus to improve child health worldwide by strengthening health service delivery in underserved areas. We develop and implement low cost and high impact interventions that improve vaccination service delivery in low income countries. To learn more about us and challenges we are tackling click here.

What type of programs does Shifo support?

We support development, implementation and evaluation of interventions that improve health outcomes for children living in low income countries. Currently we focus on improvement of vaccination coverage in low-resource settings by providing innovative tools, methods and capacity-building.

Where does Shifo currently implement programs?

Our current focal country is Uganda. The Shifo team members have long experience in developing and managing projects in Uganda and well established connections with local partners and government. We are expanding activities to other countries within short period.

Who runs Shifo programs on the ground?

Shifo's programs are designed and executed in collaboration with in-country partner organisations, NGOs, public healthcare providers, government bodies, capacity building institutions and other organisations. We emphasise local project management and capacity building and give hands-on support where needed. Our local partners coordinate the process, decide on necessary programs and ensure long-term sustainability of project implementations.

What transparency and reporting mechanisms does Shifo use?

Combination of standard reporting and site supervision are used to confirm that resources have been properly delivered and utilised. Shifo's enterprise resource planning system allows to track the impact of every donation and report back to donors the short term results (Implementation Report). Shifo's enterprise resource planning system in combination with MyChild information and support system (that is used to support the service delivery process in the Health Centres) allows to track long term impact of donations (Long-term Impact reports) by providing real-time updates from the field. At the same time the systems helps to identify weak areas of health service delivery so that management can take appropriate measures for improvement. This way we stay in tune with changing needs on the ground.

Every Child Counts campaign

Why are implementation costs in Mukono District so low?

The implementation cost in the entire Mukono District was only 124 513 SEK, which included implementation of necessary infrastructure, connectivity, education, maintenance of provided solutions and travel costs. This was possible because we work closely with the district leadership and local partners. All the expertise and supervision is provided by the Shifo team members on a voluntary basis therefore not included in the implementation costs. Shifo and its field partners make this a voluntary exercise in order to challenge ourselves in making this effort as cost effective as possible. We continue supporting Mukono District with capacity building, technical support and maintenance for sustainability.

Why starting off in Uganda and why Mukono District?

Worldwide, around 22.6 million infants are still not vaccinated by routine vaccination service delivery mechanism. About 70% of these unvaccinated children live in 10 countries and Uganda is one of them. In addition, the Shifo team has over 5 years of experience collaborating with partners in Uganda in developing solutions to strengthen health service delivery. We have been collaborating with partners from Ministry of Health, Ministry of ICT, and Makerere University. At the same time we have built a strong partnership with the Mukono District implementing information and support systems for both clinic and outreach services. With strong local partnership we are challenging ourselves to implement the system with minimum resources.


How are partner organisations selected?

We always build close local partnerships with the local government, health service providers, capacity building institutions in order to ensure sustainability of the project results. Other partner organisations are selected by the core development team, based on the needs in the field.

I work with an organisation that would like to partner with Shifo. How do I go about it?

Organisations interested in partnering with Shifo should get in touch with us through our Programs Department. Our email address and other contact information can be found here.


Why do we use PayPal as payment system?

PayPal is a global company with a history of high-quality service and security. Capable of offering different payment methods, PayPal allows you to donate conveniently and securely. Shifo has been given a charity status and a reduction in fees charged by PayPal. When you donate a specific amount Shifo receives less due to the PayPal fees. PayPal provides Shifo with a systematic and automatic interphase to receive donations so that they can be monitored and followed up through the Shifo system. To read PayPal privacy policy click here.

Does Shifo save my credit card data or billing information?

No. All payment transactions are processed by PayPal. No credit card or other billing information is seen or otherwise stored by Shifo.

Where can I see how my donation is being spent?

You can see the status of each donation in your Shifo profile your Shifo profile. If you do not currently have a Shifo profile, you can create one here. If you do not wish to create an account, Shifo will send periodic reports on your donation progress to your email address, unless you chose to unsubscribe from these reports. We update you on the progress of your donation(s) in 3 instances:
Progress updates. Once your donation is allocated to specific project we will update you about that via email.
Implementation Report. Once the implementation is completed we provide you with an Implementation Report. The report informs you about how your contribution was spent and links you with the communities you have helped. Videos and stories from the field connect you with the reality of our implementing partners and google maps help us show you the location of the communities you have supported.
Long-term impact. The benefits of our projects increase over time and you can follow the continuous development and long-term impact on the project webpage. This is where you will see real-time updates from the field about the number of children who have been registered, vaccinated and completed their vaccination plans.

I donated some time ago, but haven't received any report or seen my funds assigned - what's going on?

This can be due to several factors. We pool resources to fund different programs, which means your donation may have been allocated but we are topping up with other donor funding. We ensure that when we start a program the proper resources are in place to ensure maximum impact. This sometimes takes time, and it means that we often hold off on assigning and disbursing funds until a comprehensive implementation framework is in place. However, if you have waited more than 12 months and still have not seen any change in your donation status, please contact us. We will then investigate the issue and reply as soon as it has been solved.

Why is Swedish Krona (SEK) the primary currency for donations?

Shifo is registered in Sweden and utilises Swedish banking system. In order to eliminate the currency transfer fees, SEK is used for making donations. You can check the exchange rate for SEK here.

Do you send me donation receipt and when?

When you make a donation, both PayPal and Shifo will send you a confirmation receipt. These should arrive shortly after processing your donation with PayPal, though it may take a few hours in some cases. Be aware that receipts may get caught in your spam filter, so if they fail to arrive in your inbox, check there first. If you have still not received your receipts within 24 hours, please contact us and we will investigate the issue.

How do I edit my periodic donation?

All periodic donations are managed through PayPal. Please login with the information you provided at the time of donation, and follow the prompts on the screen. Further information can be found at PayPal's Customer Assistance services.

Is my donation tax deductible in my home country?

As Shifo is currently registered solely as a Fundraising Foundation in Sweden, we are not able to provide information on tax regulations concerning charitable donations in other nations. While we provide you with a receipt for your donation, we recommend that you check the relevant laws and restrictions in your area before filing the tax credit claim.

Birthday Events

What is Share your birthday about?

At Shifo we believe that we need to join hands in reducing child mortality around the world and provide children with the essential health services that they need. By creating your own campaign and movement you help supporting our common cause. Instead of receiving gifts you ask your friends and family to help support your campaign. The process of creating your campaign is easy and exciting, you will be able to track your fundraising and see how your birthday cake grows as your friends and family contribute to your campaign by providing a 'piece of the cake'. The best of feelings is shared with your loved ones as you will all receive status updates and Shifo reports on how the funds have been utilised.

How can I track the impact of the birthday campaign?

You can track the impact on the Birthday campaign page or on your Shifo profile. Shifo profile.Shifo will also send Implementation and Impact reports to your registered e-mail address.

How can my friends/supporters track the impact of my campaign?

Your supporters can also track the impact on the campaign page in their Shifo profile. Shifo will send your supporters reports and status updates about the campaign to their registered e-mails.

What is an anonymous gift in a birthday campaign?

Anonymous gift means that the person who has shared the birthday will not see the name and profile picture when receiving the gift.

Can everyone see how much each person contributes to the birthday campaign?

No, only the birthday boy/girl will be able to see the actual amount which is contributed. This is important for transparency reasons. Other donors will only see the cake getting bigger as more contributions are added, but they will not know how much each person has contributed. Large or small donations, all help to reach the goal!

Is there a time-limit on my campaign?

Yes, in the birthday campaign page you can choose the closing date of the campaign. Otherwise the campaign will end 1 week after the birthday, and no more donations are accepted. However the birthday campaign page will always be available for tracking the long term impact achieved with the campaign.

Can I delete my birthday campaign?

We hope that you will want to keep the trace of your birthday campaign on your profile page, but yes, if you decide so, please write to info@shifo.org. You will soon receive a message to assist in deleting your birthday profile.