Our Vision

A world where place of birth and economic status does not determine the access to essential health services.

Our Mission

To reduce mortality rates and improve child and maternal health worldwide.

The harsh reality

Universal access to basic quality health services that provides each individual with a good start for living a healthy life is far from reality in many underserved areas. More than 800 women die each day due to complications associated with pregnancies and childbirth and more than 1.5 million children die annually from vaccine-preventable diseases. As a result, lives are lost, children are orphaned and families are left without breadwinners. Access, cost and quality of service are factors effecting health service uptake in low-resource areas. This is the result caused by a variety of factors such as lack of financial, technical and human resources, as well as absence of transportation necessary to cover the long distance to the nearest health centre and inconsistency in service provision.

What we do about it

Shifo wants to strengthen health service delivery in low-resource settings to ensure that every mother and every child gets necessary health services to live healthy lives. Shifo fills gaps where resources are lacking and works with field-partners and other stakeholders to strengthen the entire healthcare chain to provide consistent and continuous care.

Without control of resources and accurate information on the form and extent of gaps in service delivery, developing appropriate policy and response is difficult. Therefore we develop innovative models, intuitive systems and low-cost technology to fill the gaps, but more importantly to identify the lack of access and service uptake so that appropriate policies and interventions can be developed. In Shifo we emphasise structured long-term development with transparency and scalability as cornerstones for sustainable service delivery.

How we go about it

We believe in the power of the community and by starting a strong global movement we want to strengthen consistency, continuity and transparency in health service delivery and donations. Together we can make a difference! By donating to Shifo, our supporters show that they share our common vision and take interest in the impact they can make. Therefore, our systems track the service delivery process and the development of our programs so that we can provide a personal report once impact has been made.

Our CSR Investors support Shifo with core-funding so that every krona that is donated through the website goes directly to improving the delivery of essential health services in low-resource areas.