Shifo Founder and Director Rustam Nabiev appointed an Ashoka Fellow

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Our vision is a day when no child dies or suffers from preventable diseases

Countdown to reach the vision

13 years
08 months
07 days

Together with our partners we are committed to achieve it by June 2030.
In alignment with Sustainable Development Goals, global community is working to make this vision happen by 2030.

Shifo's priority is to improve child health by strengthening health systems in low resource settings. We do it by implementing MyChild system to ensure:

Children are registered to receive health services they are entitled to and every family is empowered with right information about their child's development

Frontline health worker can provide quality health services and follow up on every child with the right tools and work processes

Key actors have access to relevant, reliable and timely information to identify and close the gaps to continuously strengthen the health system




indicators from the field

provided by MyChild system

Children registered and followed up
5 3 5 7 1
Children fully immunised
1 2 6 0 7
Mehterlam District,
In progress
MyChild system is being localised to the needs and requirements in Afghanistan to benefit 10 000 children and 5000 mothers
Dokolo District,
17 health centres
600 children registered
10 fully immunised
Tororo District,
In progress
Training of National and District Health Innovators is in progress

Voices from the field


100 <

indicators generated by MyChild system help us to identify the gaps and close them in the following areas:

  • Child registration
  • Child Growth and Nutrition
  • Counselling and Education for Families (mother/guardian)
  • Vaccination
  • Vitamin A and Deworming
  • Distribution of LLIN (long lasting insecticidal nets - bed nets)
  • Children who need Special Care
  • Vaccination status of women of child-bearing age
  • Family planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
  • Maternal Healthcare
  • Health Centre Performance
  • Outreach Session Performance
  • Micro Gaps
To learn about the full list of indicators generated by MyChild system view Every Child Counts Report

We are expanding

countries have been designated by the Vaccine Alliance to receive prioritised immunisation support. If you work to improve maternal and child health indicators in any of these countries, and would like to collaborate with us to implement MyChild system in your country/region, schedule a live demo to learn more about MyChild system and how we can partner together.