Our Board

Ambassador Bo Göransson,

" I was immediately interested in supporting the development of Shifo because of the commitment to long-term sustainable development of the health service delivery in underserved areas. By supplying models, appropriate tools and capacity building they help set in motion a virtuous circle of development owned by local partners. ”

Bo Göransson's previous responsibilities include Ambassador at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director General and Chairman of Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), Special Advisor to the President of African Development Bank and State Secretary, Ministry of Labor. He has been the permanent representative at UNEP and UN Habitat, and also a member of the Governing Council of UNHCR. He has an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.

Ylva Hambraeus Björling,
Vice Chairman

" Shifo's pragmatic way to introduce an e-health infrastructure and the use of IT, to provide a modern support to achieve better health in countries where the need is greatest, attracted me to become engaged in the Foundation. ”

Ylva Hambraeus Björling is Chairman of the commercial foundation - Internet Infrastructuren (IIS /.SE) . She has more than 30 years of management and infrastructure experience within Healthcare & wellfare, IT and Telecom, in the private as well as the public sector. Ylva is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.  

Andreas Winqvist,
Board Member

" It's exciting and inspiring to be part of Shifo and bring changes in traditional charity systems. Every donor should know exactly where his/her funds went and what results it is bringing. ”

Andreas is the CEO at MedHelp - a private company in Northern Europe providing healthcare counselling services. Previously Andreas was CEO at Telefonakuten Sverige AB, and was engaged in Product Management and Sales Management positions.  

Michael Rosenthal-Feigin,
Board Member

" Shifo Foundation and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have a human aim in common, through a serious vaccination-program it will give children a better chance to a healthier life. Due to that aim I am proud to be a member of Shifo board. ”

Michael was previously Secretary General of the "Monument Over Raoul Wallenbergs Achievement Foundation", Senior Adviser in various large food companies, the General Manager for Beta Invest and Carolls Development Corp. He graduated with a degree in hotel and business administration from Cornell University in 1967. He is currently helping innovative start-ups within different branches with advice and consulting services via 3F Consulting.

Carl-Gunnar Höglund,
Board Member

" MyChild System represents a paradigm shift for the health care in Uganda. It is in many ways revolutionary, and parts of the system and knowledge can be utilised to improve results and health service delivery for patients and citizens of Sweden and other countries as well. ”

Carl-Gunnar is the Head of Management & Support at 1177 / Vårdguiden, the Swedish national health counselling service on the phone and online. Previously Carl-Gunnar was the manager at the Biomedical Engineering Department, Karolinska University Hospital where he has held different positions since 1982. He has more than 20 years of management and development experience within healthcare, technology and IT.

Rustam Nabiev,
Board Member, Co-Founder

" I have understood my purpose in life. To be part of a community that enables effective healthcare to children and mothers, no matter where they live. With Shifo, we want to contribute with tools, knowledge and transparency solutions and actively engage global community to this cause. ”

Rustam is a co-founder and Director of Shifo. Rustam has extensive experience from research, as well as development and implementation of eHealth solutions in high and low resource settings.

Advisory Board

Alberto Corti

" Shifo's determination to improve children's health conditions is bound to have a great impact all around the world. The whole healthcare industry may benefit from this revolutionary system, which is already improving thousands of lives. Shifo's impact is multidimensional and enhances people's lives condition at many levels: I'm honored to contribute to this project and look forward to seeing Shifo going global. ”

Alberto's Casta&Bucks is a Stockholm-based consultancy that helps organizations to identify and measure their social impact, transforming it into tangible metrics for better managerial and communicative purposes. He has work experiences in international organizations in both the private and the public sector from six countries around the world.

Andy Cars

" By building a digital platform that can help other NGOs greatly increase their transparency, while reducing administration costs, Shifo has the potential to leverage their own experiences gained first-hand in the field to positively impact other NGOs across the globe. An important initiative well worth working for. ”

Andy Cars is the founder of Seedcap, a consultancy based in Stockholm that provides business advice and network to tech startups mainly in ICT and cleantech. Andy has a background as entrepreneur, investment manager, strategy and business development advisor. Having worked for startups and large multinational companies, he has developed a deep understanding of the unique challenges that they face.

Björn Söderberg

" The best charity is to act quickly. Shifo demonstrates a dynamic approach how children's rights to good health (The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, section 24) can be translated into action. So I am humbly proud to be a part of Shifo's amazing work for our children's future. ”

Björn Söderberg is a serial entrepreneur in the area of Life Sciences. He has a broad experience in finance, marketing and solution sales including business development for new business models. Björn has been a member on a number of boards of start-up companies as well as companies expanding on the global market/globally.

David Ziemsky

" It´s easy to throw out positive superlatives about Shifo's innovation MyChild system, but still, that´s the singular best thing - to deliver something that truly works, is needed to ensure and support structures we might take for given. Knowing who´s who, and how to reach, and what to give them - total transparent. I love that simple but genius platform Shifo developed and implements. ”

David is working with Brand, Communication & Film. Background from IT, TV, Media & Advertising agencies. Founded number of small start ups in different areas. Working part time as advisor and as partner in a handfull of established companies.

Howard Rose

" I am excited that Shifo’s is simultaneously sensitive and disruptive in building a new model for north-south collaboration to solve pressing global health problems. On one hand, Shifo is taking a long-view to develop effective programs that meet the needs on the ground, support local infrastructure, and become a replicable model for vaccine and healthcare delivery. On the other, they are highly disruptive in creating a new model for transparency and direct connection between all the stakeholders.  ”

Howard Rose, MEd, is the President, Co-Founder, and Design Director of Firsthand Technology, Inc., based in Seattle, Washington. Firsthand specialises in transforming complex problems into engaging and intuitive experiences through games, simulations and virtual reality. Their resume of work over 18 years includes groundbreaking projects using virtual reality to treat phobias, battlefield PTSD, and acute and chronic pain.

Jesper Lilliesköld

" Investing in preventive health care is investment in future generations and with implementation of Shifo’s MyChild System Social Return on Investment increases over time. I strongly believe in the idea of MyChild System and the team and I am sure sustainability can be achieved and I want to support that development ”

Jesper is an entrepreneur with long experience in building growth companies within the new media and outsourcing sectors. He is also supporting and investing in young entrepreneurs through the investment company Ulf & Vänner.

Jessica Stark

" Shifo’s vision is a day when no child dies or suffers from preventable diseases. I love this vision and want to contribute to make it come true in the future. ”

Jessica Stark is the co-founder and CEO of startup hub SUP46 (Startup People of Sweden). To help newly founded, Swedish companies and putting the words“Sharing is Caring” into practice is something she sees as a community service. She has been working with startups for the past 12 years and is extremely passionate about both the maturing Swedish startup ecosystem and the growing startup community.

Karoline Beronius

" I believe that long-term sustainable development requires structure and transparency. Shifo has developed tools that can help leapfrog development by supporting health workers, managers and decision makers in service delivery, planning and evaluation. Shifo's focus on structured development, sustainable implementation and long-term partnerships are key to transformative development of weak health systems. Such development can eventually allow us to reach each and every child with lifesaving preventive health services. ”

Karoline is a social entrepreneur with a passion for ICTs potential to leapfrog development by making better use of scarce financial, human and technical resources. She has a long experience of working within International Development Cooperation. Previously, she worked at the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions to support countries in Asia, Africa and Latin Ameria to harness the benefits of ICT. Karoline was part of the team that started Shifo in 2013.   

Katarina Chowra

" Shifo has a sincere passion and drive to make a difference for children. In addition they are a role model for future organisations. Shifo is built on values such as transparency, cooperation, equality and is dynamic and data driven. They are perfect fit for doing great difference to the healthcare for children. ”

Katarina Chowra is an innovator, futurist and coach. Her background is from telecom as business developer. The last years she has mainly spent in the startup arena, as both entrepreneur and coach.

Nima Jokilaakso

" There are plenty of amazing not-for-profits and social enterprises, but extremely few survive past the pilot phase. Shifo has proven to do so, through determination and adaptability. That is why I´m proud to contribute so that they can expand MyChild system to reach more people. ”

Nima holds a Masters degree in Chemistry and a Ph.D in Biotechnology from KTH the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and is active in both the life sciences and digital health. With a central role in Scandinavia’s digital health ecosystem, he has consulted for life science and VC companies. He is the former CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Health Start-up DD Innovation AB, a social enterprise company with activities focussed in Tanzania. His experience supports an understanding of digital health across Europe and E.Africa, and the challenges of the start-up environment.