With our partners we can reach the day when no child dies or suffers from preventable diseases

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Shifo partners and supporters

Helping children get a healthy start to life is not something we can do alone. We work with partners who care about bringing life-saving healthcare to underserved communities. These partners include social angel investors, private sector, foundations, philanthropists, not-for-profit organisations, multilateral organisations and government departments and agencies. Together we are dedicated to creating sustainable change, and addressing global challenges in innovative ways.

We believe a child's right to a healthy start in life should not be determined by their place of birth, and that together as a global community we can improve access to maternal and child health programmes and help save lives.

Development Cooperation Partners

In collaboration with development cooperation organisations and funding agencies, Shifo develops new methods and tools that strengthen and extend maternal and child health services in underserved areas. Our collaboration with development cooperation partners enables Shifo to scale MyChild system in the areas with greatest need.

If you work to improve maternal and child health indicators, and would like to collaborate with us to implement MyChild system in your country/region, schedule a live demo to learn more about MyChild system and how we can partner together.

Corporate supporters

Our corporate partners are an integral part of the value chain and we are grateful for their support. With every new partner we are a step closer to our vision.

Atlassian gives us free Atlassian Confluence and JIRA license tools

MyNewsdesk provides us with free licence to use MyNewsdesk communication platform

Foyen provides pro-bono legal advice

House of Stratvise provides pro bono advice in strategic communications and partnership building

UA-Hosting providing free web hosting services

Microsoft provides free license for Microsoft Office applications

Google provides free services of Google Apps for Work

Ricoh gave us printing equipment

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Our Angel Investor - investing for impact

Thanks to our angel investors, who support the development and growth of Shifo and are driven by social ROI, our ability to scale as an organization and achieving Shifo's vision is being accelerated

"Investing in preventive health care is investment in future generations and with implementation of Shifo's MyChild System, Social Return on Investment increases over time. I strongly believe in the idea of MyChild System and the team, and I am sure sustainability can be achieved and I want to support that development”.

Jesper Lilliesköld, Founder of Besedo and Ulf & Vänner and Shifo Angel Investor

Join Jesper and become our next Angel Investor! Email for more information at partner@shifo.org

Individual Donors


Shifo donors have donated or run fundraising campaigns in support for improved healthcare in underserved areas. Together we can make it happen!

Together we will make Every Child Count!


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