We believe in a day when no one suffers from preventable disease

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Shifo is a foundation created to ensure key actors working to strengthen health systems have the right information to make the right decisions. By addressing one gap at a time in the health sector, we can achieve equitable and quality health services for everyone. Behind each illness, there is sadness and we want to be part of a world where diseases can be prevented.
Shifo team is united towards a common vision which is a day when no mother or child dies or suffers from preventable diseases. We are one of many committed organisations striving to achieve this day, and we understood what role we can play to address a number of root causes of weak health systems. Shifo exists to ensure every person is registered no matter where they are born or live - this is key to knowing who is accessing what services and where disparities are, empower health workers with tools and processes where they spend less time on data administration and more with patients and ensure relevant and quality data is in the right hands (or computers) to promote right actions. This is key to continuously improving the quality of care and closing gaps based on information, whereby, health facilities have everything they need such as medicines, supplies, information, and knowledge to take care of people in the right way. Most importantly, we need to address these issues in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.
Our vision and goals can only be achieved when all of us join together as one team and, therefore, we need people who are team players, share Shifo's vision, and have a passion to achieve the vision.
Shifo team finds alternative ways of solving problems, develops ground breaking innovations which are driven by evidence and, yes, we are part of creating evidence too.
We work with people who can be committed to our vision and have experience and interest in areas such as quality improvement, change management, public health, psychology, product development, and software engineering.
We look for people who understand the importance of designing high-quality, sustainable and affordable solutions that work regardless of resource constraints.
If you see yourself as being a great value to Shifo, let us know at changetheworld@shifo.org
Snapshots of the Shifo Team
It is only with committed partners that we can solve any challenges. It is together that we can ensure our programmes are sustained and bring value.
You should see how capacity building looks like in the programmes. At the end of the sessions, health workers are so excited to start working with new tools and processes which shows us that we are on the right path of empowering health workers.
Gladly, sometimes we stay up till midnight with committed health workers who cannot afford to leave any questions unanswered.
At the heart of our work are the front-line health workers - nurses, midwives, and doctors. The well-being of local communities and progress in the health sector depends so much on them.
Therefore, it is imperative for Shifo team to develop solutions that decrease time from administration so that they can have more time with value-adding activities like having more quality time with their patients and providing quality health care services.
When designing solutions, we observe our end-users, ask them questions to understand their jobs-to-be-done and spend time with them in the field. Observing the care process is key for us to develop solutions that are timely and can address the actual challenges on the ground. We use our solution in the field to understand how they work in real clinical setting.
Shifo team works to create timely solutions as well as critically planning the programmes where implementation leads to sustainable outcomes. Therefore, being knowledgeable about change/risk management and gradually transitioning activities from Shifo to local partners is key.
Most importantly we share love to people and wish them a healthy life where they can thrive.
Shifo team is lucky to have a supportive and genuinely motivated Board of Directors and Advisors.
And we have Friday fikas, run together, have our ups and downs... but it is the vision of Shifo that unites us and makes us impatient optimists as we cannot wait to reach a day we all dream of.

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Never hesitate to reach out if you want to contribute to Shifo's vision: "A day when no mother or child dies or suffers from preventable diseases".
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