Our team

We are a multifaceted team with a range of diverse backgrounds including public health, biomedical engineering, development cooperation, research, user experience and design, business analysis, and software and hardware development.

We want to ensure every child, every where gets a healthy start to life. Our team is united by a common dream to see every family playing and smiling with their children and knowing they are protected from preventable diseases. Together with our partners, and through collaboration in research and development we design, implement, and scale interventions to bring high-impact, cost-effective and sustainable solutions.
Meet our team

Alice Titialii,
Research and Advocacy

Alice has a background in biomedical science and a Master of Science in Global Health from Uppsala University. With a passion for both health and sustainability, she is excited by simple solutions that can help improve public health in the global community. At Shifo, Alice is part of the research and advocacy team to which she brings a background in quantitative research.

Andrey Kolpakov,

Andrey is a software engineer with expertise in development and integration of Enterprise Resource Planning systems, Electronic Health Record systems, Voip technology and mHealth applications. Andrey pushes the boundaries by thinking exponentially to innovate a product that works everywhere. With his background in software development, coding for a meaningful cause is what drives Andrey every single day. Daring and open-minded, he always challenges the status quo and develops solutions that are intuitive and most importantly bring value on the ground. Beyond coding you can find Andrey biking, swimming or running in marathons.

Elena Kolpakova,
Quality Assurance and Transparency

Elena's background is in applied mathematics and cybernetics and she brings her experience of managing IT projects and developing IT systems in the private sector. Elena improves Shifo’s internal processes and is responsible as well as for the administrative part of Shifo’s life. Elena loves travelling and photography therefore Shifo's pictures have Elena's touch of love every time.

Kenneth Ogwok,
Implementation and Operations

Kenneth supports front-line health workers in Uganda to facilitate the use of the MyChild Solution through training, responding to questions and helping to solve any issues that arise. He oversees the capacity building needs among families with children, frontline health workers and decision makers to close the gaps in quality and accessibility of preventive health services. With his background in Information Technology, Kenneth is able to make sure that the health workers see and feel the magic behind using the MyChild Solution to save children’s lives.

Malaika Mikaelsson,
Research and Advocacy

Malaika is passionate about people-centred development. Her work and research has covered the fields of participatory democracy and governance; sustainable development-based communications; and social exclusion. Prior to joining Shifo Malaika worked with the Commonwealth Policy Studies Unit at the University of London, where she focused on local democracy in the Commonwealth. Originally from Guyana, Malaika relocated to Stockholm, where she completed an MSc at Karolinska Institutet, gaining knowledge and experience in health research, health policy analysis and health systems. Drawing on her background in International Relations and Global Health, Malaika undertakes critical and timely research and evaluations carried out on Shifo's interventions. She also works on the development, implementation and evaluation of Shifo's advocacy strategy.

Nargis Rahimi,
Co-Founder, Partnerships and Communications

For Nargis Shifo is a dream come true where every minute is dedicated towards coming closer to Shifo's Vision. Her background is in Business Administration and Public Health – health economics, policy and management. Before creating Shifo Nargis worked in Central Asia with improvement of referral system in the health sector, developing courses for medical practitioners for continuous on the job learning and at Karolinska University Hospital Nargis worked with telemedicine and eHealth initiatives in Asia, Africa and Europe. At Shifo, Nargis works to build partnerships with key actors including governments, CSOs, and development cooperation institutions to work together to continuously strenghen health services based based on reliable information and evidence.


Panha Sok,
South-East Asia Programmes

Panha is passionate about human rights and dreams to see a world with clean environment, peace and fair development for everyone. She has many years experience of organisational management and leadership. As the director for a leading women's rights organisation in Cambodia she successfully led the organisation, promoted women's rights nationally and internationally and built a strong reputation for her organisation. She has strong experience of building relationships with development cooperation, governments and other international actors. At Shifo Panha is engaged with situation needs analysis and raising awareness about MyChild Solution to key actors in South-East Asia.

Rustam Nabiev,
Co-Founder, Director

A passionate leader, Rustam inspires the team to find innovative ways to achieve our vision of a day when no child dies or suffers from preventable diseases. Born in Tajikistan, lived and worked in diverse contexts in Scandinavia, Asia, Europe and Africa, Rustam draws on his wealth of experience within Biomedical Engineering and IT to unite the global community to achieving Shifo's vision. Before creating Shifo Rustam worked at Ericsson, Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska University Hospital and Karolinska Institutet. Rustam was the head of unit of Biotechnology in low resource settings at Karolinska Institutet and a Programme Leader in Biomedical Engineering Department at Karolinska University Hospital. Rustam is a Certified IT Architect and graduated with a Masters of Science in Civil Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.


Sanni Kujala,

Sanni has a background in Psychology and a Master's degree in Public Health and Epidemiology from Karolinska Institutet. She has previously worked in academic research and nonprofit management with an emphasis on maternal and newborn health. Sanni is passionate about improving quality of care for women and children in low resource settings with good quality data and evidence-based approaches. At Shifo, she works with project management, data quality assurance and development of comprehensive RMNCH solutions.

Sergii Lozovskyi,
Visualisation & Interaction

Sergii is a graphic designer and UI/UX developer. His creativity and talent ensure that our applications are intuitive, intelligent and easy to use. In recent years he has focused on designing, prototyping and developing user interfaces for health applications on different platforms. Sergii’s visualisation skill enables him to give form to raw data and transform painfully inefficient work processes into a truly effective and positive experience.

Shahnoza Eshonkhojaeva,
Co-Founder, Programmes

Shahnoza's passion is to ensure that the products developed by Shifo deliver value to children, families, frontline health workers, managers and the global community. She believes that the global community together can close all the gaps to reach the underserved communities and reliable, relevant data will help us as a global community know the results of our work and the remaining gaps transparently. Before creating Shifo Shahnoza lived and worked in Central Asia, UAE and Europe. With her background in Business Administration and Public Health and a wealth of experience from more than 10 years of work within eHealth, eLearning in low and middle income countries she makes sure that children- one day- will have the same opportunity to grow healthy and strong, no matter where they live.

Shuhrat Yusuf,
Implementation and Operations

Shuhrat is driven by a vision to see the world where all children are protected from violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect. An experienced senior IT manager with a solid academic background in business administration and strategic IT management, Shuhrat has solid experience in leading technology projects within programmes of international organisations. Before joining Shifo, Shuhrat worked in the healthcare, non-governmental, manufacturing, and finance sectors. At Shifo he oversees programme operations.

Vasily Loginov,

Vasily's background is in software development, with extensive experience in the development of large scale IT systems. He is driven by simplicity and is constantly searching for simple solutions to complex issues. He combines his skill and experience from software architecture, agile development of enterprise systems, data encryption and document processing with a love of working with people to achieve great results. Putting his engineering skills to make the world a better place and see the results of his endless lines of code translated into real impact on the ground is what drives him at Shifo. And he does that with a smile on his face.