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MyChild System

MyChild system is specifically designed to address issues in preventive child health services in low resource settings. MyChild system consists of two interfaces:

- Elecricity, Security, Connectivity

MyChild App - software application which can be used in settings with reliable network coverage, electricity and security
MyChild Card - based on Smart Paper Technology which can be used in insecure environments or places with no electricity or reliable network coverage




indicators from the field

provided by MyChild system

Children registered and followed up
9 0 8 2 5
Children fully immunised
2 2 0 4 7
In progress
MyChild Card is being implemented in Mehterlam District
The Gambia
In progress
MyChild Card is being localised to the national needs and requirements

About MyChild Card

MyChild Card is provided to children under 5 years of age who receive preventive health services including vaccination, nutrition, growth, development among others. With MyChild Card, electronic health record is created for every registered child thus making it possible to follow up on children individually.

Development of MyChid Card was informed by evidence and reality that in many areas, particularly rural settings, the infrastructure to support mobile or eHealth technology is weak or does not exist.

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Card works
Rustam Nabiev
Director of Shifo Foundation
About MyChild Card


Every child is registered with Unique ID and receives vaccination, nutrition, growth and development monitoring and follow-up. The electronic medical history enables parents/guardians to receive sms reminders and individual follow-up of children, who missed their vaccination visit.

Every family receives information about their child's development and what they should do to provide needed care during chid's most vulnerable time - early childhood.

Every nurse can follow-up on children's vaccination, growth, nutrition, HIV prevention and other health services provided in the routine child visits. Reliable, child-based information which is automatically generated by MyChild system eliminates administration from nurses and midwifes (Child Register, Tally Sheets and HMIS Reports), thus they can focus more on every child's development and provide health education to the families.

Key stakeholders who work to close the gaps in specific health area have access to reliable and relevant data automatically generated by MyChild system.



indicators generated by MyChild system
help us to identify the gaps and close them in the following areas:

  • Child registration
  • Child Growth and Nutrition
  • Counselling and Education for Families (mother/guardian)
  • Vaccination
  • Vitamin A and Deworming
  • Distribution of LLIN (long lasting insecticidal nets - bed nets)
  • Children who need Special Care
  • Vaccination status of women of child-bearing age
  • Family planning, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights
  • Maternal Healthcare
  • Health Centre Performance
  • Outreach Session Performance
  • Micro Gaps
To learn about the full list of indicators generated by MyChild system view Every Child Counts Report


If you work to improve maternal and child health indicators in any of these 63 countries, and would like to collaborate with us to implement MyChild system in your country/region, schedule a live demo to learn more about MyChild system and how we can partner together.

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