Photo: Lennart Berggren/Axiom Film
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Snapshots from the field
Photo: Lennart Berggren/Axiom Film
A young girl with her baby sister, waiting to see the health worker
Photo: Lennart Berggren/Axiom Film
Mothers waiting to immunise their young ones in Mehterlam Comprehensive Health Centre
Photo: Lennart Berggren/Axiom Film
Enhanced interaction with parents: "before vaccinators have been busy writing with their heads down, now they talk to us in comfortable and relaxed manner and not in a hurry"
Photo: Lennart Berggren/Axiom Film
Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Mehterlam lies in the valley formed by the Alishing and Alingar Rivers of Laghman Province, an area known for its agricultural trade, and precious stones and minerals
Photo: Shifo team
Vaccinators working on MyChild Card during a participatory training session: "we've learned in two days of training how this programme makes things easier and how we as vaccinators can give more time to the patient"
Photo: Lennart Berggren/Axiom Film
MyChild Card is a context-driven solution - always localised to the needs and requirements of respective countries to better empower end-users. In Afghanistan, it has been translated into the national languages Dari and Pashto

We are working together with partners in Afghanistan

Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan

Together with our partners we can reach the day when no child dies or suffers from preventable diseases! Contact us to learn more about how we can work together.

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