Progress to date in The Gambia

Real-time indicators provided by Smart Paper Technology Solution
Real-time indicators

Provided by Smart Paper Technology Solution

Children Registered


Children Fully Vaccinated


Children Followed-up with SMS


Currently, 81 health service delivery points* are using Smart Paper Technology Solution

*In health facilities and during outreach sessions

The Gambia is the first country where Smart Paper Forms (an innovation on facility based data collection tools) were implemented in Western Region 1 and Western Region 2. After being evaluated, the solution is currently being scaled-up to cover all health service delivery points in these regions. The Smart Paper Technology (SPT) Solution is integrated with DHIS2.

The following data use interventions are integrated across the health care chain:

At the community level, families with children receive SMS messages one day before their visit reminding them about their due date to visit the facility.
Health workers receive their key performance indicators to help them know their performance and improve.
Medical stores provide supplies to each health facility based on system generated stock request forms.
Decision makers and planners at regional and national levels review the performance of each health facility / area using the integrated dashboard.
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External evaluation results
The data quality assessment, based on WHO's data quality review toolkit, indicated that the data completeness and timeliness is 100%, the consistency between the reported data and the original records were 99.95%, the data was externally consistent, and the incidence of recording errors were 0.7%-1.5%.
With Smart Paper Technology, the time spent on data administration per child fully vaccinated and receiving the required vitamin A and de-worming services were decreased by 60%.
The cost analysis indicated that Smart Paper Technology Solution cost less (3,945 USD) than printing current HMIS forms (8,793 USD) when the administrative time savings of the intervention are considered and more expensive (11,676 USD) when time-saving was excluded.
User perceptions and experience provided very valuable insights, e.g. as the initial registration of beneficiaries could be time-consuming because everyone must be registered with a unique ID and it is recommended to plan for extra human resources to perform initial registration based on each health facility's patient flow.

Based on the results of external evaluations, we are working with our partners to scale up the Smart Paper Technology solution.


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Snapshots from the Field
By creating a record with a unique ID number for every registered child in a health facility or outreach station, Shifo Birth Record provides an accurate population count for every district.
Shifo team works with front-line health workers using our innovations during care delivery. Observing the care delivery process and asking questions to families and health workers help us to understand how our solutions are used in the field and what can be improved.
Team members from Shifo, ActionAid International The Gambia and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare during capacity building sessions in the capital Banjul in May 2017.
Health workers like Saikou have more time to provide individual counselling and care to children and families which is a big gain in the health system and the right thing to do.
With MyChild Solution, existing paper forms are replaced with Smart Paper Forms. Administration and reporting is reduced by 60% per child fully immunised with this solution.
Together with key actors, Shifo team is working to enable data quality which is used to continuously improve child health services in The Gambia.

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