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MyChild System is used in 387 health service delivery points.In health facilities and during outreach sessions

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Children are registered with MyChild Card and have started receiving their vaccines. This is the first step to ensure they can be followed up to receive all preventive health services.
"I'm so happy to have started using MyChild Card, today we took care of all the families in much less time than usual!" Happy health workers = Happy families with children.
Feeling motivated and ready to start using MyChild Card after capacity building sessions! Health workers, with the hours gained from reduced administration, can strive to improve care quality for every child.
Scanning MyChild Vouchers takes one minute per facility. One minute to create a secure electronic medical record for each child!
Outreach sessions are essential to reach all children in isolated areas. We can truly aim to reach every child no matter where they live because MyChild Card can be used in places where it can be difficult to reach children.
Scanning Station is set up in one more district.
On-the-job learning is our strategy to build the capacity of health workers - they are comfortable and can still provide valuable care to families.
The transition period to gradually move from old processes to MyChild Card.
Before MyChild Card - "If you're working alone, sometimes you cannot handle everything. There is just too much paper".
After MyChild Card - less paper, less time in queue for families and children, less attrition for health workers, and more time to focus on each family's care needs.

We are working together with Partners in Uganda

Ministry of Health of Uganda as well as Mukono, Wakiso, Dokolo and Tororo Local Governments

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