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to Shahnoza's

I'm turning 30 this year, exciting!

So what better year to make something good happen with it- give children healthy start in life for my birthday.

Last year I shared my birthday and it was truly the best surprise to see how my family and friends contributed on my behalf to a cause which is so important to me. It was even more exiting to see the impact we made together in Mukono District, Uganda.

My 30th birthday wish is to reach more children with life saving vaccines, I can't think of a better birthday gift!

Join my campaign and make this birthday matter!

Shahnoza's campaign is successfully completed.


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Wish you a very special day, with your family and beloved one.


Zodruz muborak, joni dadosh.


Шахнозаjon! Поздравляем тебя от всей души, в этот знаменательнейший день! Пусть всегда с тобою прибудет радость и во всём сопутствует удача и любовь, и здоровье, и приятная температура окружающей среды.. ну и все остальные приятности! Крепко обнимаем, радуемся глядя на фото вашего празднования семейного, твои друзья из глубинки - Серж и Олеся :) ..

Mehdi Trimech

Hi Shahnoza,

I wish health, love, happiness, joy and success for you on your birthday!



Dilnoza Ishanhojaeva

Happy birthday to a beautiful person inside and out!


Joni Dilam,

Happy Birthday. There are no words to describe how deer you are to me. My only wish is that you look at life as a great journey, and enjoy every bit of it.


Nargis Rakhimi

Zodruz muborak Shahnozik! Chi khel man khushbakht ki misli tu khohar, dust ha hamkor doram :)) Tu benihoyat shakhsi nek hasti va orzu mekunam ki dar rohi tu hamesha odamoni nek boshand. Iloho salomat, khushbakht va labonat pur az khanda boshand! Man turo benihoyat dust medoram va fakhr mekunam ki hayot moro bo ham ovard!


Ahli oila!

Matlyuba Rakhimova

В 30 лет хочу тебе желать,

Праздник свой достойно отмечать,

Чтобы было счастье и любовь,

Чтобы страсть безмерно грела кровь,

Я хочу удачи пожелать,

Целей в жизни вечных достигать.

Настоящим человеком быть,

Радоваться, верить и любить!

Lena & Andrey

Dear Shahnoza! Happy birthday! Надеемся сегодняшний день пройдет просто замечательно! Успехов и побед всегда и везде! :)

Обнимаем и целуем!

Siri Jonsson

Congratulate Shahnoza on your 30th birthday. I wish all the best to you and that you will have a wonderful birthday.

Sven Jonsson

Dear Shahnoza, You are such a fantastic person, and I hope you really will have a great birthday and a gigantic good years ahead. It is so impressive what you and your team is doing for Uganda and for the Children over there. I wish you all the best

Karoline Beronius

Dear Shahnoza,

What a crazy fantastic year it has been! Imagine what can be done until next birthday :-)

I wish you a wonderful birthday! And all the best for the coming year! :-)




I will be the first (but I'm sure not the last) who starts this campaign)

I wish all good things retrun back to you and your family)

А еще желаю как можно чаще ощущать себя счастливым человеком)

С Днем Рожденья)) Happy Birthday!!!

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1 Raising Funds

Together with individuals, companies and organisations we raise funds with the Every Child Counts campaign.

2 Allocating Funds

With our operational costs covered by our Angel Investors, 100% of the funds raised through the campaign are directed to strengthening the child vaccination services in Uganda.

3 Implementing

Together with our field partners we implement low-cost and high-impact interventions in underserved areas in order to strengthen the existing vaccination service delivery processes.

4 Tracking & Reporting

We track the impact of every contribution and provide you with the Implementation and Impact Reports which link you with the communities you have helped and allows you to follow the long-term impact of your contribution.