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As you all know, my birthday is coming up soon, and this year I wish to have a special kind of celebration.

Instead of receiving presents I wanted to involve my loved ones in helping to share my good fortune with people around the world. By donating to Shifo, we can all contribute to providing life-saving treatment to mothers and children who cannot access it.

I can't think of a better birthday gift! My favourite part is that Shifo sends reports on how our contributions are spent so we can see the impact our support will make.

So please support my campaign by giving me the perfect birthday present by supporting a good cause!

Thank you! You are all dear to me!

Joana Feijo's campaign is successfully completed.




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There are no donations made to Joana Feijo's campaign yet. The first contribution is always so special. So, start the movement now and inspire others to join Joana Feijo's campaign.

How it works

The Shifo Impact Model is a 4-step process that links donors, providers and recipients into one interconnected system.

1 Raising Funds

Together with individuals, companies and organisations we raise funds with the Every Child Counts campaign.

2 Allocating Funds

With our operational costs covered by our Angel Investors, 100% of the funds raised through the campaign are directed to strengthening the child vaccination services in Uganda.

3 Implementing

Together with our field partners we implement low-cost and high-impact interventions in underserved areas in order to strengthen the existing vaccination service delivery processes.

4 Tracking & Reporting

We track the impact of every contribution and provide you with the Implementation and Impact Reports which link you with the communities you have helped and allows you to follow the long-term impact of your contribution.