Birth date - 30 November | Campaign ended



to Shahnoza's

My dearest family and friends,

Thank you so much for being part of my campaign and making this birthday my best ever!!! It feels so great that we have contributed towards bringing healthcare to those who need it the most!

There is little left to reach the campaign target and there is still time! The campaign end date is 8th of December.

Wonder if the target will be reached by the end of the campaign date? Stay tuned :)

Thanks again!


Shahnoza's campaign is successfully completed.


9 400


9 400
2 600 SEK LEFT


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С днем рождения!

Shuhrat Yusuf

Happy BDAY Shahnozahon!!! Hamesha hamin khel insoni zebo va zebo moned. =)

Andrey Kolpakov

Поздравляем с Днем Рождения! :) Счастья, успехов и здоровья тебе и твоим близким! :)

Ruzi tavalludat muborak!


Андрей и Лена.


Шахноза jon! Поздравляем тебя с твоим ежегодным праздником! Желаем что-бы ты их все без исключения отмечала всегда на ура и длилось это веки вечные! Здоровья, счастья, бесконечной радости и немыслимой удачи во всех началах и продолжениях, тоже желаем, тебе .. сегодня .. мы :) .. Твои любящие друзья, Серж и Олеся ..


S dnem rozhdenya! Schaste, zdorove, radosti tebe i tvoey sem'e!

Rustam Nabiev

Joni, I love you very much and am very proud of you. Happy Birthday!

Karoline Beronius

Dearest Shahnoza,

I wish you a happy and fantastic birthday! See you soon! Love, Karoline

Nargis Rakhimi

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to a wonderful person!

Happy birthday to you!!!!!

Love you veryyyyyy much! Be healthy and happy- the rest we can all do! :))


May all your dreams come true :-)


Happy Birthday!!!

Mehdi Trimech

Happy birthday dear Shahnoza :-)

Wish you all the best for you and your family.

Dilnoza Ishanhojaeva

Happy Birthday :)

Mavluda Nabieva

Ruzi tavalludaton muborak boshad! Sihat va salomat, babakht boshed. Iloho hama orzuhoyaton jomai amal pushand! Man fakhr mekunam ki shumo bo ruzi tavalludaton hamin khel kori nek karda istodaed.


Have a good birthday))


Starting off the campaign with the 1st contribution. For better healthcare for all!

How it works

The Shifo Impact Model is a 4-step process that links donors, providers and recipients into one interconnected system.

1 Raising Funds

Together with individuals, companies and organisations we raise funds with the Every Child Counts campaign.

2 Allocating Funds

With our operational costs covered by our Angel Investors, 100% of the funds raised through the campaign are directed to strengthening the child vaccination services in Uganda.

3 Implementing

Together with our field partners we implement low-cost and high-impact interventions in underserved areas in order to strengthen the existing vaccination service delivery processes.

4 Tracking & Reporting

We track the impact of every contribution and provide you with the Implementation and Impact Reports which link you with the communities you have helped and allows you to follow the long-term impact of your contribution.