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Birth date - 6 June | Campaign ended



to Shuhrat Yusuf's

My dear family, friends, classmates, colleagues and like-minded people,

First time in my life, I am sharing my birthday, so that we all join hands to see more children smiling and healthy – it is indeed happiness. If you believe in disruptive technologies that support children to receive life saving vaccines on time, you are welcome to join my birthday campaign. 100% of funds of my birthday campaign will go to strengthen vaccination service delivery in Uganda and you will see the impact we are bringing together.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.


Shuhrat Yusuf's campaign is successfully completed.


5 750


5 750
4 250 SEK LEFT


15 persons

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Mavluda Nabieva

Ruzi tavalludaton muborak boshad Shuhratjonik! Man shumoba sihat salomati,omad,kushoish va hammai orzu va umedhoyaton jomai amal pushidanasha orzu mekunam. Fakhr va Hudoba shukt mekunam ki hamin hel farzandhoyam budagishonba!!!!!!!


С днем рождения, Шухрат! =)


Happy Birthday! I wish you to feel yourself happy every day of your life=))

Elena Kolpakova

Happy birthday Shuhrat! Wish to you lots of success and happiness!

Рузи тавалудат муборак! :)

Andrey Kolpakov

Happy birthday!

It was a great year for you and for Shifo, but the next year will be greater. I'm sure we will succeed together.

Good luck!

Sven Jonsson

Ett stort stort GRATTIS till dig på din födelsedag. Du är en glädjespridare för din omgivning, och jag är så glad att jag får vara din vän. Lev gott denna födelsedag och njut av allt som dagen erbjuder. Din insats för Shifo är suverän. Stort grattis för den framgång ni har i arbetet, en stor del av det är din förtjänst.

Siri Jonsson

Grattis på födelsedagen Shuhrat! Jag önskar dig allt gott idag och i framtiden.

Mehrinisso & Zikrullo

Ruzi tavaludaton muborak boshad!


Ruzi tavaludaton muborak boshad Shuhratjon! Hamai khushihoi zindagiro orzu mekunam shumoba!!!

Anton Talantsev

Dear Shuhrat,

We wish you a joyful life and success to your honorable deeds.

Happy birthday!

Anton and Maria

Rustam Nabiev

Tani sihat, hotiri jam va dili begham.

Serzh & Olesia

Health, beautiful family, job that helps people .. You have everything for happiness .. We wish you inexhaustible energy to keep it and grow it! .. Your friends Serzh & Olesia ..

Karoline Beronius

Dear Shuhrat,

What an amazing year the team has had. :-) It has been a pleasure working with you and learning from your knowledge and experience. I am sorry I cannot be part of the celebration on Friday, but I wish you the “bestest” of Birthdays and great party! May all your wishes for the next year come true! Hugs, Karoline

Annika Jansson

Jag och Fernando kommer på fredag och firar din födelsedag, Sveriges nationaldag och Shifo kampanjen! Grattis i förskott!

Nargis Rakhimi

So happy to be part of this beautiful initiative. Indeed, children are gifts of life and their health is a foundation for them to achieve their dreams!

Mu shumoro dust medorem

Nazokat, Amir va Nargis

How it works

The Shifo Impact Model is a 4-step process that links donors, providers and recipients into one interconnected system.

1 Raising Funds

Together with individuals, companies and organisations we raise funds with the Every Child Counts campaign.

2 Allocating Funds

With our operational costs covered by our Angel Investors, 100% of the funds raised through the campaign are directed to strengthening the child vaccination services in Uganda.

3 Implementing

Together with our field partners we implement low-cost and high-impact interventions in underserved areas in order to strengthen the existing vaccination service delivery processes.

4 Tracking & Reporting

We track the impact of every contribution and provide you with the Implementation and Impact Reports which link you with the communities you have helped and allows you to follow the long-term impact of your contribution.