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to Shuhrat Yusuf's

My dear ones,

As you know, few years ago I got on board of Shifonians' train to start the amazing journey, to the world where no child dies from preventable causes. If you will join this birthday campaign, the train of Shifonians may move one-step closer to the final destination. It is not a secret that journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

With kind regards,


Shuhrat Yusuf's campaign is successfully completed.


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1 400


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Rustam Nabiev

Be humble and brave no matter where you are :-)


Ruzi tavalludaton mubokar boshad Shuhratjon! Ba shumo khotiri jam, dili be gham va khushbakhtii hamai olam ro orzu mekunam!

Lena och Andrey =)

Шухрат! Поздравляем с наступившим Днем Рождения! :) Пусть наш поезд едет качественно и быстро! :)

Рузи таваллудат муборак!

Serzh & Olesia

Happy Birthday!!! Be happy forever, dreams come true and God bless you all! - Your friends, Serzh and Olesia.

Maria Talantseva

Happy birthday, Shuhrat! We wish you all the best from Vienna! Maria and Anton

Nargis Rakhimi

Happy birthday my dear! Love you so much for your kind heart and dedication to make an equal world for all the children! Have a wonderful day, missing you!


How it works

The Shifo Impact Model is a 4-step process that links donors, providers and recipients into one interconnected system.

1 Raising Funds

Together with individuals, companies and organisations we raise funds with the Every Child Counts campaign.

2 Allocating Funds

With our operational costs covered by our Angel Investors, 100% of the funds raised through the campaign are directed to strengthening the child vaccination services in Uganda.

3 Implementing

Together with our field partners we implement low-cost and high-impact interventions in underserved areas in order to strengthen the existing vaccination service delivery processes.

4 Tracking & Reporting

We track the impact of every contribution and provide you with the Implementation and Impact Reports which link you with the communities you have helped and allows you to follow the long-term impact of your contribution.