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We want to ensure that every child receives life saving vaccination services

Our key enablers are transparency and information technology



indicatorsfrom the field

provided by MyChild system

Children registered
and followed up
4 7 3 5 8
Children fully
1 1 2 1 6

MyChild System is implemented in 48 public health centres in Central Uganda.

This enables nurses to register and follow up on children's vaccination status and global community can see the progress in real-time.

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We are scaling

Now we are scaling MyChild system to Central Region of Uganda to reach more children with life saving vaccines.

1 million children

can benefit from this project

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100% of your donations are directed to strengthen the child health services in underserved areas.

We always direct 100% of public donations to the cause. With our operational costs covered by our Angel Investors, every krona donated though the website goes where it is most needed.

We track every donation and provide you with implementation and impact reports.

Progress updates

Once your donation is allocated to specific project we will update you about that via email.

Implementation Report

Once the implementation is completed we provide you with an Implementation Report. The report informs you about how your contribution was spent and links you with the communities you have helped. Videos and stories from the field connect you with the reality of our implementing partners and google maps help us show you the location of the community you have supported.

Long-term impact

The benefits of our projects increase over time and you can follow the continuous development and long-term impact on the project webpage. This is where you will see real-time updates from the field about the number of children who have been registered, vaccinated and completed their vaccination plans.

We work with our local partners to implement and sustain low-cost and high-impact interventions.

We take a long-term approach to develop and implement scalable solutions that bring value to the local communities. We know that investing in local capacity is the best way to create long-term impact. We build close local partnerships with government, health service providers, capacity building institutions in order to sustain the project results for years to come.

How we collaborate with our local partners

  • 1.  Together we identify the local needs and develop context based solutions.
  • 2.  We invest in local capacity building and creation of local maintenance structures.
  • 3.  Our local partners coordinate the process and are owners of the project results.
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